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About Us

SINDUBALA SIDDHA AND AYURVEDHA HOSPITAL is known for its services of siddha and ayurvedha for all type of chronic diseases. The establishment of the hospital was done by Dr.T.BALMURUGAN. BSMS., M.D (Siddha) in 2013 to provide best services of siddha to common man. Patients suffering from chronic diseases like Arthritis, Diabetes, Digestive disorder, chronic Rhinitis, Kidney stone, Constipation etc were used to follow symptomatic treatments like temporary pain killer, laxatives etc, as there was lack of awareness about siddha and Ayurvedha treatments described in India’s ancient texts. So it was the need of society to get the totally siddha and Ayurvedha treatments for their chronic diseases to eradicate the disease by route.

Internal and External treatments are available for

(Rhuematoid arthritis, Oesteoarthritis, Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Lumbago etc), Fever,

(Asthma, Bronchial ailments, Sinusitis etc.),

(Indigestion, Peptic ulcer, Piles etc),

(Calculi, Burning micturation, White discharge etc), Marmam or Varma Injury, Skin diseases etc.

Siddha Medicines available here are pure and natural. They are safe and effective. Skin ailments, Vatha ailments, Diabetes, and Geriatric ailments etc have effective Siddha cure. External and Internal Treatment or Siddha Medicines with prayers and counselling is very effective for treatment of MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Chronic Reteroviral conditions like HIV, Hepatitis B etc are also treated here and well managed by this treatment. Online consultancy can be made on request if patient is not able to make a visit as suggested by the doctor

Sukha chikitsa or Kayakalpam (Kayakarpam) or Rejuvenation therapy

 is also available here. The therapies like Full Body Massage, Cervical Massage, Spine Massage, Face Massage, Head Massage, Medicated Nasal Application or Nasiyam, Formentation or Kizhi, other Physical Manipulatory techniques like Marma, Varma adangal, Steam therapy etc is available most qualified and experienced hands. The treatment performed by the doctors are done only after physical examination and Naadi diagnosis(Pulse diagnosis). If needed, blood tests and other investigations are also noted. Treatment for each patient differs according to dehakuri or prakruti and Naadi or pulse. No package treatment available. The clients interested in treatments of Sukha chikitsa, Kayakalpa or Rejuvenation or any other disease can register their names online or make a call to the doctors.