About our Sneezing Treatment :

Normally, we admit the patient for a period of 2-3 weeks. Our treatment aims at total cure and removes nasal blocks and the causes of allergy.  After the first day of our treatment itself, the patient will get some relief; in a week time it comes down considerably and in most cases, within 2 to 3 weeks you will get at least 80% relief.  The patient will be fully relieved from sneezing in 1 to 3 months.

Our treatment is divided in to two parts, detoxification therapy including panchakarma techniques and internal and external medicines. Detoxification is having much importance in our treatment. We use different Panchakarma techniques such as massage using specially medicated oil, Nasyam, medicated steam, vamanam and virechanam as per the condition of the patient plus internal and external medication.  We are using special medicines and treatment techniques to treat this. .  


Kindly bring or send your test reports [blood test (WBC, eosinophil & ESR)] to our mail ID for evaluating the prognosis of the disease (above test reports if available).


We are using pure Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines for the treatment of Sneezing. Normally, Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines do not have any side effects; at the same time give additional benefits to you.. Medicines vary with condition of the patient.

Duration of the Treatment:

Normally, the patient has to undergo the therapy for 2 or 3 weeks, and continue the medications for at least 6 months. As it has been observed in most cases, patient will be cured within 1 or 2 weeks. The patient has to continue the medicine for 6 months to 1 year depending on the condition. This is essential to purify the body and to boost the immunity of the patient. If the patient is having more than one ailment, the duration of the treatment may increase.

    Benefits of our Treatment:

  • Normally, patients will feel much better in 1or 2 days.  They will feel relaxed.
  • It improves your immunity.
  • If you treat it early, it helps to prevent from getting allergic Asthma..
  • This is a permanent cure and not a temporary control.
  • Eosinophil level becomes normal within a few days.
  • Itching in the eyes (if any) will be cured.
  • Our treatment is free from side effects.
  • Our treatment will help you to remove the side effects of medicines that you have taken earlier

What is Sneezing?

It is a semi-autonomous expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, mainly caused by foreign particles irritating the nasal mucosa or throat. Sneezing is caused by irritation to the mucus membranes of the nose or throat. It can be very bothersome, but is rarely a sign of a serious problem.

Sneezing can be due to:

  • Allergy to pollen, mold, dander, dust (hay fever)
  • Breathing in corticosteroids (from certain nose sprays)
  • Common cold or the flu
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Triggers such as dust, air pollution, dry air, spicy foods, strong emotions, certain medicines, and powders